For a young and fresh smile 

Veneers – also called facings or laminates –are thin ceramic shells ca. 0.5 mm thick that are cemented to the outer surface of the front teeth. Using this technique the color, form, size of the teeth and even slight straightening corrections can be achieved in a way that is very gentle to the teeth.

Remaining, disturbing tooth colorations can be made “invisible“ through the use of veneers. Veneers are also frequently used to replace unattractive old plastic fillings or where, despite bleaching, a satisfactory tooth color could not be achieved. Furthermore, larger tooth fractures in an adult set of teeth, for example in case of an accident, can be treated in this fashion with superb aesthetic results.

Since the ceramics used in this application have a very high level of bio-compatibility, they pose no danger for one’s healthCeramics are long lasting and are perfectly suited for conveying the multifaceted characteristics of a tooth in a highly aesthetic and natural way. Furthermore it is advantageous that teeth where this type of veneers is applied require only a minimum of grinding. This means that almost no healthy tooth material needs to be sacrificed.

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