Alternatives required

Understandably enough, many patients have their mercury or amalgam fillings (containing heavy metals) removed, when a milder alternative is available. The necessary prerequisites for a safe removal of these fillings are a given in our practice:

The teeth to be treated are insulated from the mouth and throat areas with the help of a dental dam so that the amalgam material to be removed does not come into contact with the oral mucous membrane. Utilization of special surgical fraises makes the removal of larger pieces of amalgam possible without the release of damaging mercury vapors. In addition, chronic mercury poisoning can be treated with medications.

In point of fact, only modern filling materials are employed today. In other words, amalgam is not used any more.

In 1997 the professional dental associations formulated a recommendation that amalgam fillings should not be used for following groups of individuals:

  • Children
  • Persons with limited kidney function
  • Persons with an allergy to amalgam or any of its components
  • Persons that have had mouth infections (Lichen ruber planus) due to amalgam
  • Persons that have metal fillings that would be directly next to new amalgam fillings, because this could result in electrochemical reactions and thus Changes in the sense of taste and
  • Women who are either pregnant or breast feeding—they should also have no removal of amalgam performed during these times.


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