Root fillings

Endodontic Treatment of the Root Canal

Inside every tooth there are nerve tissue and blood vessels. A deep cavity or other bacterial influences can result in damage to the dental nerve. This kind of damage can manifest itself in the form of an acute infection that is very painful or as part of a chronic infection that remains completely unnoticed.

The goal of a root canal treatment is the complete removal of a bacterially infected dental nerve from the interior of a tooth, as well as the cleaning and disinfection of all hollow areas. A tight and permanent closure of this complex canal system is the end result.

Clinical studies reveal the problems involved with conventional root canal treatments, which are still widely used today. The success rate of these treatments is only approximately 50-70 percent.

In order to achieve significantly better results, we use special microscopic lenses. Extreme magnification makes the finest structures in the root canal system visible and allows them to be effectively treated. High end treatments with highly flexible operating instruments, ultrasound-activated flushing and thermoplastic, 3D-filling techniques are for us the standard treatment procedure.

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