Aesthetic dentistry

Beautiful teeth are your businesscard

Your teeth are your personal business card. The number of people that have high standards not only for themselves, but for their teeth and health is increasing steadily. As President of the Swiss Dentists Society for Esthetic Dentistry (SGAEZ), Dr. Zehm focuses not only on health, but especially on Aesthetic Dentistry as well. The origin of the definition of esthetics is found in Greek and can be translated as sense perception. Included is everything that has to do with what can be perceived with our five senses: A carefully taken care of set of teeth is not only nice to look at (seeing), it entails clean pronunciation (hearing), perfect functionality (touch), as well as a lack of foreign taste (tasting)—under certain circumstances caused by metallic restorations—and no bad breath (smelling). In dental esthetics one differentiates between white and red esthetics. Depending on your individual dental situation and according to your personal wishes, various solutions can be provided for beautiful teeth (white aesthetic). Modern ceramics or even ultramodern, ceramic enhanced plastics may be utilized. You can read more about this under “Veneers”.

Red aesthetic – the gum

Mild treatments and microsurgical operation techniques can be applied in order to create (or recreate) a harmonious progression of the gum line and that improve the general aesthetic results. For example, exposed, tender and unattractive dental necks can be repaired with fine tissue transplants. It is also possible to shorten the gingival cuff for cosmetic reasons, for instance when smiling makes too much of the gums visible or the teeth appear too small in comparison to the gums.

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