Geriatric Dentistry

Life with “a bite”

The purpose of this specialty is to care for elderly people with their dental concerns and also with their related medical issues. The patient is continuously accompanied during the aging process, with specific attention being given to his or her individual life circumstances, in order to maintain oral health for as long as is possible. Maintenance of dental health can only be successful through the use of this multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary approach.

Normal age-related and/or medication-related changes can influence oral health. This may lead to a reduced quality or quantity of saliva, which in turn can enhance the risk of caries.

The aging process brings with it a progressive decrease of agility, limitations in the fine motor skills and a lessening of tactile sensations. Given these normal developments, the choice of dental prostheses is very important.

Furthermore, nutritional advice as well as dental hygiene and care for dentures play a very important role in geriatric dentistry.

The ground level practice rooms in the Rübeldorfstrasse have wheelchair access. For patients that are immobile we recommend our mobile treatment service. We can make visits at home, in a seniors’ residence or in the hospital with our special mobile treatment unit.
We also have parking places in the underground garage that are free of charge. The parking spaces directly in front of the building are reserved especially for you.


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