Risk-free bleaching for a  beautiful white smile

Surveys have shown that today 1 of every 2 people wants to have sparkling white teeth. That accounts for why more and more people have their teeth bleached.

In the course of our lives the color of our teeth changes and their shine is slowly lost. This natural process is also influenced by various things we habitually eat, drink or consume. Dyes present in tomatoes, fruit juices, tea, coffee or nicotine are absorbed and embedded the tooth enamel.

Bleaching is a cosmetic whitening of the teeth in which the embedded dye stuffs are changed in a chemical reaction using special hydrogen peroxide compounds. These dye stuffs are thereafter either invisible or very faint. Depending on the initial situation, a whitening of up to eight or nine nuances is possible, and with the proper care can last many years and can be repeated if desired.
When carried out in a professional fashion, the tooth structure is not changed and no damage is done to the teeth. It is necessary to determine in advance whether the gums and teeth are healthy and free of impurities or plaque. We recommend in addition to a dental checkup, a professional dental cleaning shortly before a bleaching. It is not possible to cosmetically whiten fillings through bleaching and they may need to be replaced after bleaching is performed.

A bleaching treatment that is successful over the long term usually only requires a touch up treatment from time to time, which can be done at home. This can be done with special whitening products, which can be repeated as needed every six months. Special toothpastes can also be helpful in extending the long term results of a successful treatment.

Various methods can be utilized to whiten teeth, although root-treated (“dead”) teeth require much different treatment than do “living” teeth. You have the choice between a one and a half hour “in office treatment” and a “home treatment” which you can do on your own over a time period of 7-10 days.


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