Dental prosthesis without Impression

The future is already here

Modeling Compound, Steel Tongue Depressor, Gag Reflex and Fear of Suffociation are finally things of the past.

Thanks to much improved recent technology, it is possible, using the newest generation of computer assisted design and manufacturing (CAD/CAM) to achieve a level of exactness in dental restoration that was not available in the past. The camera scans the teeth with short-wave blue light without touching them. An exact 3D image of the dental situation in the mouth appears on the flat screen of the computer in real time. This means that uncomfortable impressions and their modeling compound, which cause the urge to gag and fear of suffocation in many patients, are no longer necessary.

Even as you are sitting in the dental chair, the dental prosthesis is planned and modified on the computer. A highly precise milling machine produces the corresponding construction out of a ceramic block. The dental prosthesis which has been produced is then installed using a special cementing technique. Noch während Sie auf dem Behandlungsstuhl sitzen, wird am Computer der Zahnersatz geplant und angepasst. A temporary prosthesis and an additional local anesthetic (injection) which stresses you further are not necessary. The manufacture of tooth-colored ceramic inlays and/or crowns is now possible in just one appointment.

A long term stability of more than 95 percent has been demonstrated in more than 250 scientific studies on clinical safety.

This new technique is suitable for everyone – both young and old.

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