Effective protection leads to healthy and beautiful teeth

Long term studies show that only with regular professional dental cleaning can teeth be kept for a whole lifetime.

More than 20 million bacteria are resident in the human mouth and can be found on the teeth, the gums, the tongue and mucous membranes where they carry out important functions: germs are warded off, mucous membranes are protected, and food is broken down during chewing.

But when certain bacteria multiply because of insufficient oral hygiene, diseases such as caries and/or gum disorders (gingivitis, parodontitis) are the result. These microorganisms are located in a thin biofilm (plaque) which gathers on the tooth surfaces, spaces between the teeth and the gingival cuff, and in advanced stages also underneath the gums (scaling).

By individualized prophylaxis we mean that a treatment plan will be developed for you, which exactly corresponds to your dental needs, and is designed to successfully protect against caries and parodontitis. This plan contains the amount and scope of the professional dental cleaning, a practical guide to oral hygiene, nutritional advice, advice regarding tooth care products and (if necessary) dental sealing or a risk assessment in the form of a saliva or bacteria analysis.

The cleaning of the teeth and the gingival pockets is done by specially trained professionals using special instruments. In order to remove plaque and discolorations (caused by tea, coffee, red wine, nicotine, etc.) we use a gentle powder jet device and polish the teeth with a special polishing paste to a high gloss. Afterward, the spaces between the teeth are cleaned with various dental flosses and small brushes and finally the teeth are deeply fluoridated as needed with coatings or gels.

Regular prophylaxis is well worth the effort. Numerous scientific studies have confirmed that regular dental cleanings offer effective protection against caries and gum diseases.

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