Perfectly straight teeth as nature intended

Orthodontics is a sub domain of dentistry that has to do with the diagnosis and treatment of the malposition of the jaw and teeth.

Marc Bäumler, Dr.med.dent., MSc. has specialized exclusively in this area for the last ten years and deepened his knowledge through an additional degree program parallel to his daily work in the practice. In this program he learned the newest and most modern techniques for orthodontic corrections.

Normally treatment begins with the appearance of the permanent teeth, when the child is 8-10 years old. But the youngest patients come to us for a first examination when they are still preschoolers. A short treatment at this time is often helpful because dental malpositioning in childhood can usually be corrected with relatively little effort. But orthodontic corrections are also possible in adulthood and therefore more and more frequent today.

Orthodontic therapy traditionally makes use of removable or permanently installed devices.

Orthodontic apparatus can also be anchored in the jawbone using micro-implants and palate implants in order to broaden the scope of therapeutic alternatives. Gap closures in the case of missing or lost teeth can be better controlled using these techniques. Additionally, they sometimes make it possible to avoid the use of a retainer at night. In case adult orthodontia is necessary, we can also make use of combined treatments (orthodontics and jaw surgery).

It is also possible today, through the use of the newest techniques and materials to effect orthodontic corrections almost “invisibly”. Ceramic braces or transparent rails are two such options. In the case of modern lingual techniques, the necessary supporting pieces are installed on the rear faces of the teeth and are thus invisible. These methods are especially recommended in the treatment of adults.


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