After ten years of experience in various Swiss dental practices and as the owner of Zehm Dental Suisse, I look forward very much to being able to care for you in my own practice.

It was and is very important to me to be able to learn and apply all the professional areas of dental medicine in everyday practice. For this reason I undertook very intensive studies of the two specialties of implantology and paradontology n the course of more than 3000 hours of continuing education. Because of this expertise I am often engaged by other Swiss dental practices when it comes to operative procedures.

Marc Bäumler, et MSc. works with me in the practice in the professional area of orthodontics. His specialty is tooth position corrections with orthodontic braces for young people as well as adults. Parallel to his many years of practice in his own dental practice, he deepened his professional competence through an additional course of study. Furthermore, he has a responsible position on the Swiss Commission for Career Development and Quality where he represents the Swiss Dentists Society (SSO).

You as patient profit from a comprehensive range of services that extends much further than the average dental practice. Complete information regarding these offerings can be found in the section entitled Services.

Office Hours:

Mo 8.00 - 18.00
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Fr 8.00 - 18.00
Sa according to agreement