Your time is precious – restoration in a single session

With the help of the most modern of technologies it is now standard procedure with us to do restorative work on your teeth with tooth colored inlays and/or crowns in just one appointment.

This means for you that you have:

  • no disturbing modeling materials
  • no uncomfortable steel depressor
  • no gag reflex
  • no fear of suffocation
  • no temporary prostheses and
  • only one sitting

General anaesthetic – sleep dentistry

In cooperation with anaesthesia experts and according to current guidelines, we provide you the possibility to carry out sleep dentistry. With many years of experience, our anaesthesia team annually carries out about 20,000 anaesthesia procedures.

Nitrous oxide – an alternative to avoid fear and pain

We know that dental phobia is common with varying degrees. If this also true for you, we offer you an advanced and effective pacifying method using nitrous oxide anaesthesia for relaxation during treatment. Fully conscious, nitrous oxide helps to lose fear as well as to reduce the perception of pain and time. Our patients describe this form of treatment as comfortable since it suppresses a gag reflex as well.

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